Foreign Exchange Global Education & Training Services is an accommodation provider offering Education and Residential Services in Australia.

Technical & Trade Training

North Queensland offers a range Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) which offer trade and technical training for students to further develop their skills and gain a recognized qualification.

TAFE Queensland is the government-owned and operated Registered Training Organisation and provider of world-class Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in Queensland. In some countries TAFE is also known as Polytechnic, Technical College or Community College.

TAFE Queensland offers international students

  • Practical, industry-relevant training
  • Network of six regions with multiple locations across Queensland
  • A wide range of courses
  • Leading-edge technology and excellent facilities
  • Strong links and pathways to university
  • A friendly, safe and culturally sensitive environment


TAFE Queensland has provided quality training for over 130 years and now enrols over 160,000 students each year, including up to 10,000 international students. Nationally accredited and internationally recognised – delivered by TAFE Queensland.

In North Queensland, TAFE North offers a range of certificate courses and is based at the Pimlico Campus.

Non – Government Registered Training Organisations

The private sector can also offer numerous training opportunities. These Registered Training Organizations (RTO’s) offer quality courses registered for international students.

Specialist training is also available for students to be qualified trainers. This could include providing Tickets required for operating Heavy Vehicles and Machinery. This could also extend to specialised Leadership Training packages. These students would be trained in order to return to PNG to train other students to receive their certification tickets or qualifications in specialised areas and leadership training.