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Secondary Education

School Education in Australia include preschool, preparatory(or kindergarten), primary school, secondary school(or High School) and senior secondary school(or college).

Australian schools do more than just educate students. The prepare them for life – developing communication skills, self-discipline and respect for themselves, their peers and their world. Schools offer a broad curriculum in the key learning areas – English, Mathematics, studies of society and the environment, science, arts, Languages Other Than English(LOTE), technology, health and physical education. They also believe strongly in the benefits of a rounded education – including the teamwork, self-expression and personal development that happens outside the classroom.

In Australia, students enjoy a diverse learning environment that is personally enriching and developing skills and qualities needed in a changing world.

Australia Schools are among the finest in the world. What makes Australian Education so valuable?

  • Small Class sizes (a maximum of 30 students in a class)
  • University-trained and qualified teachers and specialist teachers in subject areas.
  • Facilities of a high standard – including a high level of technology, with all schools having computers and internet access.
  • ‘Gifted and talented’ programs to extend students who are high achievers.
  • ‘High Achievement ’programs, which see the top students studying university-level subjects for advanced credit.
  • Quality assurance frameworks where schools must meet required standards.

The Australian school curriculum prepares student for their future. Our educational sector aims to develop students into independent and successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informs citizens-with the view of giving the all the skills, knowledge and capabilities to thrive in a globalised world. Australian schools focus on providing equity for every student and striving for excellence in all area of education.